FROM THE CHEAP SEATS – 10th May 2015

(My Sunday newspaper column didn’t seem to make the Fairfax interweb cut this week, so I’m making it available on-line here, for anyone who usually catches it that way.) ——————————— “Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao – they’re meeting at MGM Studios, Las Vegas, tomorrow.” – Sandy Roberts, Fox Footy . “A nice sequence there for […]

Are you too much into sport?

(Stated In Portentous Tone With Smug TV Presenter “I Know Everything” Face) This time I was deliberately scrabbling through past work looking for something to plug up all the big empty on the site. It’s pretty self-explanatory, I think. It was another of my Devil’s Advocate newspaper columns for The Age, and was published on […]

THE LOW ROAD 2014 – Part One

DEVIL’S ADVOCATE Due to unprecedented if not undetectable levels of interest, the management once again presents a selection of purported highlights from the columns about sport by Leaping Larry L which appear in The Age newspaper. This is the first half of the 2014 edition, containing lines disinterred from my Saturday column, Devil’s Advocate. The […]

A Most Unlikely Source

On the basis of the couple I’ve read so far, this guy is batting out some of the best op-ed style I’ve read in ages. Or ever, really. His name is Jim Cornette, and his background is unusual for this kind of pursuit: he was one of the most effective, and funniest, of pro wrestling […]

Fighting The Industry Trend

For those of you who like the funny entertainment and acknowledge that the executive classes of Australian entertainment industry are essentially incapable of recognising it let alone producing it, you should really go to the Stupidly Big website and listen to their Stupidly Small podclasps which are produced each weekday, outside the sphere of expert […]