A New Gebinning

Due to weird stuff happening at my old Web-O-Leaps site, I shut it down. Due to this being supposedly free (and the excellent quality of the hostering or whatever it is they do here, of course) I think I’ll probably run my site from here now.



                                UNCA LEAPS






2 thoughts on “A New Gebinning

  1. Dear Sir,
    why didn’t you place the ‘varieties of crap’ choice box at the very top of the page so we didn’t have to read through all the crap explaining about the varietiesofcrapchoicebox?! It just burns my britches!
    Yours Miss Explanatory

  2. Paradoxically, or perhaps not, the reason for this is (a) simple, and (b) I don’t understand it.
    The format, or theme, or feemat, whatever it’s called – the thingo that defines how the blog looks – that I selected out of the ones WordPress offers within the, err, “non-paying” range apparently dictates factors like where the drop-down boxes goes.

    My idea was to put it at the side – which I guess is where most blodging people would go for – but because I chose this “theme” as it was plain and monochromatic to the point of being ludicrous, apparently the theme doesn’t allow that – it had to go at the bottom of the lot. Hence the long-winded explanation elsewhere on the site, hence your comment, and now, hence this long-winded explanation. Like Curly in the Three Stooges used to say, “It’s a vicious soykel!”


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