General Lapse in Public Taste


Just a quick note to thank youse folks who read this site for taking it to a new record of 42 ‘views’ per day on average. This probably sounds hilariously puny by comparison with some ‘real’ websites, but I’m pretty happy with it, as it means well over one person having a gander per hour.
I appreciate that it also means people so desperate for something to do at work (other than work, obviously) that this has driven them here.

On such a strong foundation, Blodge-dom’s Crappiest Kingdom (TM) (R) is proud to stand.

(MUS – play something impressive that sounds like a national anthem, only out of copyright as site has no budget.)

(FX – Plug being pulled out of amp with an almighty electronic farting noise)



3 thoughts on “General Lapse in Public Taste

  1. This site has kept me amused for a long time now Leapster, hopefully with the demise of AOTS there’ll be plenty of posts on here to get me through the working week!

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