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According to some highly reliable stats on a map that our blodge-dom enablers, Word Press, were kind enough to share as part of the annual stats package, Blong-dom’s Crappiest Kingdom (TM) was enjoyed in many countries on all seven continents of the Earth planet this year – that’s Australia, South Africa, North Africa, America, Europe, Asia, and New Zealand. (Antarctica wasn’t on the map provided, and computers won’t work there, owing to the penguins. New Zealand was on the map, and, critically, has a few people that apparently accidentally stumbled over this site on their way to finding rugby and netball stats.)

The southern siesta kingdom of Australia provided nearly all “hits” (which, in accordance with the theoretical work of Prof Michael Nesmith, “kept on’ comin'”), however province of USA did ok, and Canadia was not disgraced.

Surprise packets included the 9 visits from Thailand, and the 7 from Mongolia, the latter of which I might make another continent if they keep this kind of (largely inexplicable) effort up.

We here at Blodge-O-Leaps Inc (i.e. me) were particularly pleased with having a response from European countries that had definitely or probably previously encouraged members of my family to leave the national borders, inc Germany, Poland (only under prevailing boundaries after WWII redraft – family was booted prior to this), and Russia; or under prevailing conditions at some point in the last 1000 years or so, would have not accepted them entering in the first place, dependent on the management of the specific time, inc France, Spain, UK, among others. As Basil Fawlty so aptly said for all of us, “Still, forgive and forget, eh Major?”



2 thoughts on “Crappiness Worldwide

  1. Some people use an international proxy IP address in order to get around their national internet laws, view copyrighted material (when you get messages such as “this video cannot be viewed in your location” etc), or simply to not have their computer identified. So all your hits could still be from Australia. Or word press could be using Apple Maps.

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