(Another disinterred “discovery” from the leftover files, this one apparently written almost the same time as the random movie reviews one just below, so June 2007.)


We’ve had Survivor, i.e. “Idiots on an Island”, we’ve had “Big Brother, i.e. “Idiots in a house”, and then came Channel Ten’s brand new highly original smash poo, “Hi Diddle Dee Dee, A Pirate’s Life For Me”, or “Idiots on a Boat”.

What great further developments can we look forward to in this series.

How about “Retail Experience: Idiots in a 7-11”,
“Watery Grave – Idiots in a Big Fish-tank with no Oxygen”
Idiots in a mud puddle, Idiots in an empty football stadium (starring Port Adelaide fans)
“Idiots in a Restaurant Tram”, “Buffoons in a Bakery”, “Morons in a Museum”
“Butcher Shop Bozos” and the ultimate zenith of the genre, 18 weeks in a Drive-Thru Bottleshop.



2 thoughts on “TOO MUCH REALITY

  1. This might be in your movie bit but so be it. No actually while I’m in the movie bit (I didn’t read the whole 100 – who did?) Simon was a great Dutch movie I highly recommend. That is not why I am calling this time. . .

    The Australian Open tennis is one of the better sporting events/carnivals. Sure some bits are awkward but there is a fair bit of quality viewing and broadcasting including commentary. To screw it up Ch 7 could bring in the two worst commentators in the world James Brayshaw and Michael Slater. Even Bruce ‘Isnt he/Isn’t she?’ McIvaney is tolerable. This and the Spring Racing Carnival are easily better than short form cricket (and I used to like cricket) and possibly the AFL?!

    Cricket – note the player names on the screen on the slip fielders as per your desire to have this technology at the Brownlow? Do-able.

    • Well, obviously I agree on the Brownlow thing – I’ve been saying they could get that done for years.

      I’m not familiar with Simon the Dutch movie. Thank you for letting us know that not only was my 100 movies article too boring/lengthy for you to finish, but everyone else should find it the same way. Like the KISS guys would say, I do it all for the fans.

      I guess I should say that J Brayshaw and M Slater aren’t the worst sport commentators in the world. For one thing, I only speak English, and there might be some guy in Belgium or Ivory Coast or something. I don’t really like where Nine have gone with their cricket commentary in terms of the “younger guys” (who ain’t that young) so I think I know where you’re coming from there.

      McAvaney is a long way from the worst tennis commentator. However I have long found tennis to be a very badly commentated sport, by and large. The current Seven team incarnation might not be the worst (well it isn’t – JA and John Barrett no longer torture us) but they still reliably drive me mad with the bleeding obvious and the 5c bullpoo psychology stuff after about five minutes.

      McAvaney at the Spring Carnival I happen to think is very very good. This is his best work to me.


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