Some shows that almost could have definitely made it, had they got on air, plus one or two shows that definitely could never have made it that did somehow get to air.


Daryl’s Wonderful World of Somers

Presented by Daryl Somers. Daryl presents highlights of him presented other shows, including adjectives, pulling his mock-surprised face that he originated from watching Benny Hill do it, and fawning over tin-pot US celebrities. Includes special guest, Daryl Somers.


TV’s Finest Swearing

Inc post-race swearing montage of winning jockeys on horseback following Melbourne Cup



Series about indigenous Australian detective, featuring Cameron Daddo


Frankly Horrible Movie Festival

Australian movie series



Gavin Wood’s Big Numbers

Some of the former DJ and booth announcer’s favourite lotto numbers, and booths.



The Comedy Sale

Intriguingly hopeless sketch comedy show featuring…oops sorry, it’s over, you missed it.



Trilogy of Terror

Tennis show, featuring commentary highlights from Tony Tray-bert, “Fahry” Fred Stolle and Bewdy Newk.



Richie Benaud’s Wide World of Suits



Mario’s Place

Cooking show feat. Mario Milano making different varieties of pizza while being attacked by the Von Steiger brothers, Tiger Singh and Professor Tanaka, until Spiros Arion comes to the rescue from the shower, covered in foam and water. Other shows include pasta, seafood preparation and Skull Murphy and Brute Bernard.


The Landy Factor

Hosted by Peter Landy, in the position in which he is broadcasting from



Bowling For Dollars, with Laurie Oakes

With regular special guest pin-girl Lee Lin Chin


Grouse Groins and Bonzer Bazongas

Presented by Ray Martin


Naomi Robson’s World of Soup



Election Night, with Sesame Street’s The Count



This is Your Other Life



Roller Derby Classics

hosted by David Johnston and Kerry O’Brien. Includes highlights from LA T-Birds and Ralphie Valladares, plus popular “Where Are They Now?” segment in which David and Kerry try to work out where they are now.



How to Hair

Presented by Bill Collins



Ian McFadyen’s Cluedo

This show actually existed, briefly.


Not Now, Caton

Hilarious misadventures of the one-role, one-moustache comedy-acting stylist


The Racist Cartoon Half-Hour

(inc such favourites as Hong Kong Phooey and The Amazing Chan and the Chan Clan)


All-Night Rave, with Steve Liebman

Dancing, energy drinks, sensible brown pants


Love, Australian Style



Wheel of Chickens

Poultry-based game show



All-Time Greatest Logies Moments

One-off special, 5 minutes in duration, including 3 mins of ads



The Burkhalter/Hochstetter Power Hour


What’s My Line

starring Australia’s young soap opera actors trying to remember their line



Correct Spelling

Tori Spelling acting clinic/highlights reel



Catriona Rowntree Goes Off

Maybe it is a travel show and maybe it’s not


Dateline: This Evening

with Ray Warren and Paris Hilton




  1. Let’s Serve It Up To Sandy
    Contestants are invited on to test their wits against Sandy “The Doyen” Roberts on his vast knowledge of tennis.Winners get a $5 Coles gift voucher,losers get a week’s free lessons from Tennis Australia.

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