Re Ads you will see on this site:

Howdy this is rambling cowboy host, Leapin’ Larry L, and, prairie pardners, I’m a-here to tell you that I’ve already tired of antique western movie type dialect, and also that they’ve started putting ads up on this site.

Apparently the Word Press folks are entitled to do that, which is kind of ok, since I’ve paid for nothing here except redirecting the blogge/site over to my old website address.

I’m just telling you that me and my Bloggo do not advocate any of the services or products being offered in the ads loaded herein. Go ahead and click away on ’em if you want to, but none of it is anything to do with me.

There is a way I can bar the ads from my site through the good ministrations of Word Press, but I have to pay for that great pleasure, so you’ll have to bear with me till I’ve got the spare cash – which as things are going around here, well, Jesus may have had another birthday anniversary or two before that happy day arrives, put it that way.










2 thoughts on “DISSSSCLAIMER

  1. The point is that they’re not MY advertisers or sponsors – they’re from Word Press.

    However, in answer to your question, in the relevant text on their website info, Word Press definitely describes them as “ads”.

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