Fits and Starts #2

Media-dom’s Leading Column of Unfocussed Thinking. Since 2013.


*   Dominos CEO claims that they are the “5th largest Facebook brand in Australia”. That’s a tremendously impressive claim, obviously. For a similar level of stellar glory, you’d need to be claiming something like being the 7th best Frisbee catcher in the park right now, or the local shop with the 15th most finger-smeared front window in the shopping centre, or the 4th ranking nose-picker in the local pub’s pool comp. Incidentally is being CEO of this kind of business anything like being a pizza shop manager?



*  News story reveals that a  number of companies are manufacturing airless tyres, which will be on the market in 2014. Actually, quite a number of us have already encountered the “airless tyre” car or bike riding experience – or even the airless spare tyre, which is more of a specialty product – and probably none of us were that wowed by it at the time. Looking forward to the upcoming release of the brickless house, aka the pile of rubble, and the stringless-tennis racquet, set to be marketed as the portable, hand-held glassless window.



*  David Bowie’s former wife Angie has revealed many details of their wild sex life, including regular threesomes, in an expose that really got people talking, in an alternative universe where it’s still 1975.



*  Read Someone was saying they were “over this heat-wave” but, as they put it, ironically, or scarily, the more people run their air conditioners to deal with it, the more greenhouse gas emissions are pumped into the air, so it ultimately gets worse and hotter. You can see where they were going with this. So think ahead, skip over a few sizes and buy the most giant-ass air conditioner you can get, and that ought to overpower all that extra heat just fine. Q.E.D.



* In FashionWorld and Herald Sun Land, this apparently counts as “comment”. If you move one finger slowly – the breeze created by that – we’re talking about that amount of raw content.



* Julia Gillard back in front in the polls for preferred Prime Minister. What did she do? Well, when they show you who the two candidates for PM are in the media, she’s right next to Tony Abbott.




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