Fits and Starts #6


Media-dom’s primary source of unfocussed random blather. Since 2013.



*   The doctor who worked with the French version of the TV show “Survivor” has killed himself. The coroner has ruled it was partly overwhelming sense of despair at the human condition, partly personal psychopathology, but chiefly having to watch a version of “Survivor” on a daily basis.


* Some Kardashian fat, another Kardashian pregnant, a further Kardashian’s head explodes when confronted with simple arithmetic – further news as it comes to zzzzzzzzzzzzz…



* After only a day in the news, Ruby Rose succumbing to depression – which was previously announced in a glittering launch on Twitter by the DJ…actr…TV thing…whatever she is – has been overcome, in an heroic struggle, apparently mainly by people paying her attention. After previous revelations that unlike anybody else on the planet, she was picked on real bad in school, in what the media called “Today’s Facebook post”, Ms Rose revealed that, like this one time at band camp, she was put on drugs and stuff for, like, y’know, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder after finding a dead body. (I’m not making this stuff up.)

As yet, the case has not breached the darker psychological waters of “This one time, a teacher really picked on me bigtime, and the dog HAD ate my homework; and I never got over it – Rilly!” But it’s still relatively early in the month. ++



*  Nerf news story in the media today: “How to prevent flu viruses spreading.” Spoiler alert. I have the answer again. If you’re sick, stay home you mucus jockey.



*  Further riveting news headline: “What’s tipped to go down at the Logies”

Answers: Viewer IQ, and the Will to Live, in a dead heat.




++  (Note: Don’t wish any harm on her, obviously; don’t disregard depression as a disorder; but Spidey-sense a-tingling about how/why this is all playing out in screaming public. “I’m so so terribly depressed,” I howled on Twittsky/FaceBoot – if you smell what the Leaps is cookin’.)


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