And now, more about MEEEEEEE


Why would you not send your eyeballs trippingly over the wonderment of The Age interweb site, when you can read my Saturday this-week column here, and my Sunday this-week column here?

(PS  I don’t really want reasons why not – or even tips on any apposite terms that the recently manufactured expression ‘this-week’ might happen to rhyme with – it was more like one of those clitorical questions. Arboreal. Historical. The ones that you don’t want the answers to, like the AFL and the clubs probably are about the current ASADA investigation. One of those.)





One thought on “And now, more about MEEEEEEE

  1. I think the idea of “celebrities” diving into a pool is a very good idea for a t.v. show.Though I think it could be improved if 1.-the pool is full of piranhas 2- the pool has a couple of barrels of toxic waste dumped in it. 3- the pool has no water in it at all. These changes to the format would certainly test the “celebrities”,and make for a far more entertaining program and an essential watch for us viewers.

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