Black Sabbath Set List 29-4-2013

Black Sabbath, Rod Laver Arena, 29th April 2013

They were pretty unbelievably great. Here’s what they played.

War Pigs / Into the Void / Under the Sun / Snowblind / Electric Funeral (Ozzy appeared to be working off autocue) / Black Sabbath / Beyond the Wall of Sleep / N.I.B. / Methademic (from new album – Ozzy on autocue again) / Iron Man / God is Dead (newie too) / Dirty Women / Children of the Grave / Paranoid

Gather this was more or less the set-list everywhere in NZ/here with the odd shift of one track, generally around the ones from the “13” album they recently did with Rick Rubin.

Line-up was Ozzy/Tony Iommi/Geezer Butler with Tommy Clufetos (who’s played in Ozzy’s band) on drums. He is a caveman. He hit pretty much everything in the joint. He did just fine.

All the originals worked their clackers off. They were all great. Ozzy sounded tentative on the four or so songs where he had to use the lyrics prompter and sounded great on all the other stuff. Ridiculously great.

Reference here (look for the set-list bit) suggests Adam Wakeman was playing keyboards/guitar with them. I sure didn’t see him, and while I did hear the odd sound that I didn’t think the band were making, those noises could have easily been recorded. Anyway, that source lists him.

Set List on Gold-FM Bus on Way Home

“Tell Her About It” – Billy Joel

Whatever you might think of this normally, it sounds absolutely hilarious after you’ve just heard Black Sabbath smashing down every structure on the continent.



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