New Standards of Excellence

Austraya – It’s the going rate, mate, woof


This one is doing the rounds of the anti-social mejia. What most folks who are posting it – and just tremendously dacking on it from a huge height – miss about the most spectacularly ill-prepared political candidate, probably of all time, is that the level of knowledge and research she puts in to her thoughtful replies are entirely reflective of the standard of public debate – and much of the analysis – in this country. If it’s not quite all at that level yet, that’s definitely where it’s heading.

Half the people posting this and giving it the horse-laugh probably routinely post opinions on topics they haven’t thought through and certainly haven’t researched, either adequately or at all. Most of what appears in the media as analysis is a case of someone having made up their mind first, then trying to fabricate a quick icing of “reasons” to go atop the completely illusory cake. Much like the young lady in the interview, who appears to have put more thought into which eye she’d keep her hair flopped over than she has into anything she might say.

Remember the national mantra – everybody has a right to their own opinion.

What people chronically use that to mean in ‘Straya is that their opinion is as good as yours, the next person’s or any expert’s. And in a Beer Garden, it is. In any public forum of debate or analysis, where depth of knowledge or analysis is an issue it isn’t. Beer gas is just beer gas there, and not as good as thinking.

But that’s just the current state of play, and then nominally. If you listen, read or look around, you’ll see we get closer to the perfect Beer Garden Democracy all the time.

But by all means, when the link gets you there, click on the video thingie and watch the interview. It is hilarious. The bit later on – after she’s crashed and burned so many times and so comprehensively – when she says life is all about learning new things, (not realising that she’s apparently developed a complete immunity) well the folks who make the Chris Guest/Eugene Levy comedy pictures could never have bettered that.

Just bear in mind that this is where the standard is heading. They’re all moving closer to this. We’re all moving closer to this. And sooner or later, the media getting dumber and dumber, nobody will be able to tell the difference.





3 thoughts on “New Standards of Excellence

  1. I realise I’m a bit late coming to the party here, but I just started reading this blog and couldn’t ignore the phrase “tremendously dacking on it from a huge height”.

    Eventually I stopped laughing and got further down the article. Finally I arrived at the bit about “in ‘Straya is that their opinion is as good as yours, the next person’s or any expert’s”.

    I couldn’t agree more – and it isn’t just in Aust. Fellow WordPresser Jerry Coyne describes “accomodationism” – basically, giving people ample space for their evidence-challenged opinions – in detail here:

    Great post, LLL – feel free to verge on seriousity in between the funny anytime!

  2. Thanks. Had a poke around your Blodge-site as well, and have included a limk to it in the new Limks pg somewhere around here.

    I’ve left the link in your comment-thingo, although I want to clarify that ol’ Unca Leaps is NOT entering into any Creation v Evolution debates. There is some reasoning behind this, but to outline it would be a derailment taking far too much time and type-a-writing in this context. *
    I think the piece you linked to is, in part, on-topic, but is mostly about debunking the thinking behind Creationism on a scientific and/or logical basis. I don’t think it will hurt any readers’ branes if they want to check it out – might even get a few cogs shifting, working through the logic, and I didn’t find it a tough read.

    * The one thing I will mention is that there is absolutism on both sides of this particularly unwinnable and unrewarding pub debate, minus the pub. For example, in the article, the writer says they wouldn’t sit down to have a discussion with a devout Catholic as it would be a waste of time. According to the author, “religious beliefs marginalize people, including gays, women, and those of other faiths”. Of course, then the current Pope breaks out and says that’s exactly what he thinks the Church needs to STOP doing, and bang goes Mr Science’s argument on that score.


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