What your Tom Harley would call “synergy”


OK, this turned up on The Age webpsych yesterday, which was Thurs, 16th August in your Earth time.

The coincidence between story and ad copy was, err “unfortunate” – i.e. hilarious for humans.

When Stew Farrell and muggins here were doing our posthumous All Over The Shop radio show for 3RRR-FM’s radiothon – incidentally, go right ahead and keep subscribing, don’t mind me – also on Thurs 16th but later, I mentioned a couple of times I’d post this, so now I have.

It’s a gen-you-wine screen shot I took at the time. All I done since was crop the pic and change the pixie count so I could put it up here and in the antisocial media. Cheers. Kirk out.

Addiction rehab facility ad



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