Milk of Human Kindness Curdles Once Again – Vegan Style

The following quotes appear among the comments on a story concerning diet and health on the ABC’s website, or family of websites.

They really are up there – or perhaps “out there” is closer to it – as you can see by going to the link. Whether they are sincere posts – i.e. what the King of Twitter, The Iron Sheik, would call “the real” – is another matter.

In a discussion broadly concerning whether a vegetarian diet lessens the risk of cancer, or certain cancers, one person posted the upcoming statement. It seemed to invoke a certain amount of rancour at the indignity of having been swindled, which, given the context, may lead to an entirely inappropriate response on the part of the reader:

“I’ve been a vegetarian since I was 8…I recently got bowel cancer which is now terminal. And I ate a very healthy diet all my life!”

Again, I can have no possible idea whether this is a true statement, from a real human being. But you can feel the anguish of the screw job there.

In a no less remarkable manifesto, a fellow citizen of Planet Earth responded, in a few pithy and spectacularly ill-chosen words, as follows:

“I know a vegetarian who is 110 years old and lives in Penrith. Are you sure you are not a meat lobby person pretending to be vegetarian?”

Undeniably the unstoppable march of communications technology and the greater level of access afforded billions of people has, more than at any other time in the history of humankind, made it clear that if logical thinking were teeth, the vast majority would have to liquefy their meals three times per day.



2 thoughts on “Milk of Human Kindness Curdles Once Again – Vegan Style

  1. The comments on any article related to Australian “News” websites are often more informative and always more entertaining than whatever the well connected networker parading as a journalist has produced. Anecdotal evidence is always funny. Personally had a father who passed from lung cancer at 67 and a grandmother who smoked a pack a day and died of old age at 97, doesn’t mean I think smoking is good for you. For further examples of ” The Age of The Smug” refer to climate change articles post a hot or cold day.

  2. This is one of those “I defend to the death your right to say it” deals for me, H Mc. Comments on any news, “news” or other site that I might see regularly are generally not informative at all and only entertaining in terms of the crack-smoking-style alternative to logic provided. I think I know what you meant but the one thing anecdotal evidence always is, is that it comes with an accuracy rating of +/-100%. Don’t get the smug reference, but, yes, the logic of those who try and determine anything re climate change from isolated or recent weather patterns is a similar example of Wrongway Feldman reasoning to that demonstrated in the material quoted above.

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