At Last – The Fine Arts section


A brief video on a most unexpected subject, considering its New York Times home – a little snapshot of the work of John Romita Jr as he heads over from a lengthy career at Marvel Comics to work for DC and draws Superman professionally (whether for the first time or not, I’d have no idea.)

One interesting thing is how much more character and edge the basic Romita sketches and the worked-up versions of same have over the “full production number” comics shown  with that standard “modern look” with all the computer colour glop (inc simulated airbrushing/modulations/etc) thrown over the top, in which all the stuff looks alike and you wouldn’t know who drew what.

(This standardisation is readily on view within the mainstream superhero books on the new release stands at any comics shop. I’m not saying it’s anything new. They headed in that direction years ago.)

In his black and white more spontaneous stuff we see there, that’s cartooning. What you’d call the technicolor custard pie they’re throwing in your kisser with the other stuff, I don’t know. Dessert, maybe.

Incidentally, for those unfamiliar with the name, JR Jr’s dad, John Romita Sr, was one of the early Marvel Comics artists, back in the early 1960s. He replaced the original Spider-Man artist (and plotter) Steve Ditko around 40 or so issues in and stuck around until the character was pretty much established.



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