Can’t top this, so I’ll let you read the story au naturel and raw de prawn.

WA council votes narrowly – and no doubt after a great deal of thought – to retain a plaque celebrating the achievements of Rolf Harris. Lord knows what you’d have to have snorted to have come to a decision like that, but the bonus round of whoopseeism is that it turns out the plaque was already stolen anyway.

Then catch some extra hi-powered world class Astrayan thinkin’ with some analogies later in the story, particularly – but not limited to – the one comparing Ned Kelly to Rolf Harris.

Please enjoy all the wonderment of great Aussie branes at work.













  1. Geez Leapster
    There is a serious amount of golden material presenting itself to you lately. Surly you can work this into some sort of ‘one-off’ AOTS special?

    I’ll help get you started:

    – Lenny Fitzgibbons retirement
    – ‘The Hammers’ brother Gillon landing the AFL CEO role
    – Kate Hikey Mikey Hikey crowd sourcing funds to produce amazing new album
    – Record low domestic beer sales in Australia
    – Tony Abbott in general.
    – Richmond Football Club in general

    On another note are there any ‘Best of DLB’ recordings on file that you have available (for sale)?


  2. Yes, when I look at all the other things you mention, I can see your point. Clearly beer consumption should have risen dramatically. Economics analysts put the apparent discrepancy down to a lot of “2 for 1” spirits deals being offered at supermarket liquor stores lately.

    The keen priority with which I hold the DLB archives is probably indicated by the number of shows I’ve ever transferred to digital from the aging cassette copies – which as far as I remember, numbers one (1).

    But if I ever transfer some more over and edit them into something resembling a presentable form, you and everyone else who might be interested won’t go short of hearing about it. That much I can promise you. Exfoliator!!

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