A Most Unlikely Source

On the basis of the couple I’ve read so far, this guy is batting out some of the best op-ed style I’ve read in ages. Or ever, really.

His name is Jim Cornette, and his background is unusual for this kind of pursuit: he was one of the most effective, and funniest, of pro wrestling managers – the guys who stir up the crowd to jeer them and the performers they’re aligned with on wrestling TV and at arena shows.

If you’re not into wrestling, the couple I’m providing links to are not about wrestling at all.

This one is about gun control.

This one is about the dangers of politics linked to religion, among other subjects.

To me a nice mix of well-ordered horse sense, combined, here and there, with his knack for the kind of deadly impact one-liner that used to get me and thousands of others accidentally laughing coffee out of their noses during the TV wrestling shows of yesteryear.

It goes to show you never know.



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