Bulletin Schmulletin #7

* Can’t fight the suspicion that if a plebiscite was such a good thing it probably wouldn’t sound so much like a particularly creepy Batman villain


* That headline-buster news story about Matthew Perry and Matt LeBlanc not being invited to Jennifer Aniston’s wedding made us all feel years younger. Because for that story to be a big deal, it must be the 1990s again. Still, you’ve got to give them credit for multi-tasking and innovation – i.e. inventing something that’s both journalism lite AND a memory-tester.


* Incidentally, arguably the coldest line on Wikipedia occurs in the entry for the Friends TV series.
It reads: “For the social concept, see friendship.” You bastards!


* It was reported that a greyhound trainer fired a gun during a visit to his facility by animal welfare officers. Unfortunately some people may jump to conclusions and assume the worst. After all, it may just have been the ‘training gun’.


* Congratulations to Gwyneth Paltrow on the continuing success of her retirement, or whatever you’d call it.


* Brian Taylor, Essendon v Port, 25th July, Channel Seven:
“I would describe it as a good kick when you can get it within the thickness of a goalpost.”

Yeah, well. Most of us are still going to go by that less finely calibrated gauge, where it’s a good kick if it goes through for a goal.


* “Good on you Belinda, fabulous stuff there.”

That’s Eddie McGuire in the Fox Footy channel studio last Saturday night, hailing the quality of the gambling ad for Ladbrokes! Enthusiasm above and beyond and rocketing light years past the stratosphere of the call of duty there.

Clearly it would be a feeble waste of breath to reiterate the inclination that if there is a right place for the bookies ads, it’s right up your old ad-break, and locked firmly away from any place it can ooze its way into impersonating part of regular programming/footy coverage.


* Every time comedy is attempted on a commercial radio ad, several tanker-loads of humour leak out of the universe forever.


* Don’t forget it’s the 3RRR radiothon. Remember your societal obligation. Subscribe now and keep these people off the streets.



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