Generic AFLW Match Report

A friend on the antisocial media was looking for more complex written analysis of the AFL Women’s comp. I’m sure there must be some of this somewhere. Everything to do with football is up on the interweb somewhere.

Anyway, for some reason that put me in mind of writing this.

Here is a boiled-down summary of the tone of quite a lot of AFLW match reports and not a little of the commentary I’ve caught to date, in the mainstream media.


THE players were triffic and had a flat-out go, and the crowd was great.


The winning team did very well and the losing team also did well but not quite as well, and there is room for improvement. The crowd was really good.

Among the star individual players were Jasmine and Larissa, and Poppy did a great job for the Demons under the circumstances, given that her captain Phoebe was out. A couple of the girls got hurt but it is hoped they’ll be better soon.

Some others were not able to take the field owing to already being hurt, including Phoebe. Casey Fields is expected to return next week. Sorry, that’s the name of the ground. Correction – the Demons will play at Casey Fields next week.

Although neither side scored in excess of two goals and one of them somehow still lost by 57 points, one of the heartening factors pointing to the competition’s success is the size of the crowd. Also the weather has been outstanding except for that one game where they had to get the players off before lightning hit them.

Nearly all players in the league previously played for Darebin, except about half a dozen who played basketball, and Shazza’s cousin Niecey who came in to make up numbers.

It will be tough going for either side next week as somehow both of them play Fremantle in what appears to be a scheduling error. Incidentally, did I mention the crowds? They’ve been triffic.





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