Extra Super Super Quiz

Some questions from the Herald Sun Superquiz of Saturday 15th April, accompanied by my answers to them.


Incidentally, that’s how they spell it – “Superquiz”. It is of course named for the Bolivian village, Superquiz, in which the trivia quiz, and small heated snacks accompanying the trivia quiz, were first invented and popularised.



* When did Evonne Goolagong Cawley win the Wimbledon singles title?


(It was around lunchtime.)



* What character did Omar Sharif play in the 1962 film, “Lawrence of Arabia”.


(An itinerant newspaper pedlar named Snappy McLuggage.)



* The combined naval fleets of which two countries fought Britain’s Royal Navy in the Battle of Trafalgar in 1805?


(Switzerland and Mongolia – it wasn’t a particularly long battle.)



* What is the given name of the famous artist, Gauguin?


(Spangles Silverblatt)



* What creature is in the transparent window of Australia’s $100 note?

(Trick question, I think – Neither myself nor a presumable vast majority of Herald Sun regular readers has ever seen a $100 note)



* What is a swagman in the Australian song, “Waltzing Matilda”?


(A smorgasbord-style buffet dining establishment of high repute.)



* Who played Tiffany Case in the 1971 James Bond film, “Diamonds Are Forever”?


(Omar Sharif. A game-changing role for him.)


* Which business had the 1960s marketing line, “You canna hand a man a grander spanner”?


(A spectacularly unsuccessful male personal hygiene company named “GripLok”.)


* What is the capital of Hungary?


(That one’s easy – H)


* Who starred as eight year old Kevin MacCallister in the 1990 film, “Home Alone”?


(Omar Sharif – another breakthrough.)


* What age was Queen Victoria when crowned monarch of the UK and Ireland?


(Going by most of the pictures, I’d say Ice or Stone)


* Name the mascot of the 2002 Manchester Commonwealth Games.


(OK, I will – Terry the Toecapper)


* Toni Morrison won a Nobel Prize in which category in 1993?


(Industrial Physics, for her groundbreaking research paper:

“What if you took the retaining nut out and whacked a stopcock in there?”)




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