Stevie Wonder – Journey To the Secret World of Pants


Public Enemy – It Takes a Nation of Albanians to Hold Us Back


Bruce Springsteen – Born to Exercise Sensibly


Pink Floyd – Dark Side of the Bong


David Bowie – The Man Who Sold a Shirt; The Rise and Fall of Big E. Rat and the Subjects of Bongo Congo


Ice-T – O.G. Original Gorgonzola


Rolling Stones – Exhale on Ming Street


Deep Purple – Made in Clacton


Bob Dylan – Highway 61 Resurfaced


AC/DC – Back in Beige; Highway to Heidelberg


U2 – Under a Blood Red Doona


THE WHO – Who’s Still Next Apparently; Why are Who; You Can’t Play Basketball without Who Plus a Pee


SLAYER – Destroying Destruction Destructively – Deeeaaaaaaattthhh!; I Don’t Care What You Say I’m Not Playing Without My Earplugs – Live


JUDAS PRIEST – Sad Wings of Rheumatoid Arthritis


THE EAGLES – Another New Album of Songs No-One Will Want to Hear When We’re on Tour


THE BEATLES – Sgt O’Rourke and his all-Hekawi Corporal Agarn Band





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