Here are some sites which are Not Leapster, but which you nevertheless might want to look at, with your eyes.



A wry eye for a different view of items from the (purported) news, and also the pages of real life.  Also includes: sport.



Boxing records site which comprehensively fails to show you expert ways to crate your vinyl, but does offer you an amazing amount of information re completed boxing matches.

Via the search thingo (among the other thingos across the front page) you can access pretty complete and reliable career fight records for pretty much any boxer you can think of, often including, for individual fights, points scores, names of ref and judges, date, venue, titles contested, etc. (Obviously fighters’ records from further back less likely to be complete.)



Don’t be shocked, but this site tends to be about movie posters. Access bazillions of them. It’s amazing how obscure you can go and still find something in a search. Also, check out the Polish movie posters if you’re not familiar with them. (There’s a thingo you can click on the left of the front page.) They’re pretty frikkin’ wild.



Sport analysis with non-dullardly stats, in such a way that might actually be interesting to sport fans.



2 thoughts on “Limks

  1. Michael clark just said ‘ the indians don’t want to halt the scoring’…whilst they are batting! Hehe..

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