Today’s Star Letter

As each week’s AFL round approaches, I become increasingly nervous that any report, program, newspaper supplement or radio analysis might omit to mention details of the betting odds for any games. Fortunately, so far this season, everyone concerned has risen magnificently to the occasion. One struggles to imagine how we used to get through the […]

Up To The Eyeballs

  What Unc has been watching lately. Focus on big name/big noter movies of recent times, oddities that might bear a little more attention, and hopelessly lost old creakers you really ought to see if you love movies, as opposed to just letting the latest megaplex fodder steamroller over your face.   KILL THE MESSENGER […]

From the Cheap Seats 17th July 2016

  About the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, protests range, and rage, from claims of Brazilian government malfeasance, to high crime rates and related danger to camera-dangling tourists.   Numerous grim, head-shaking reports warn of the immense state of unreadiness for anything approaching a major sporting event. The latter dire warnings are often […]